The Social Media Writer #21DaysofWriting #amwriting

Many of my readers are planning to write a book and are developing a writing style that fits their personality. And with the emergence of Internet Writing, styles are more relaxed than ever before. But it’s still important to maintain a professional quality to your work. When it comes to writing online (blogs and social […]



Amazon vs Hachette Part Deux-and the Book War Rages on #21daysofwriting

With a heralding cry, Amazon releases a “Power to the Self-Publishing Author” letter today asking for the patience, understanding and support of their Kindle Authors. Comparing the current battle with Hachette to the rise of the Paperback, Amazon put out all the stop with Word World II and George Orwell references. “They believed low-cost paperbacks […]

What is Flash Fiction? #21DaysofWriting

Flash fiction is a term you probably frequently seen online over the last couple of years, but the concept itself is not new. What is flash fiction? Well, there’s no one set definition but in general, Flash Fiction is considered to be a short-short story with a typical story length of about 300-1,000 words. “One […]



Shonda Rhimes: Plot Twist Master #21daysofwriting #amwriting

I’m a Scandal fanatic. I love the intrigue, the romance, the characters and of course, the scandals! It’s a writer’s paradise. It has all the juicy components of a great read with enough plot twists to shade Erika Kane. Plot twists are those moments in the story where everything changes. The readers are usually surprised […]

How to Commit the perfect Crime? #21daysofwriting 2

Today is Day #1 of the 21 Days of Writing Challenge and to kick things off, let’s tap into our creative mojo and commit the perfect crime. Disclaimer: To the FBI, NSA, CIA and B16 agents that troll the internet for dumb criminals who post all their evil doings online, this is a writing prompt; a […]

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