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I gave a keynote speech last night. It was awful. I was sweating, nervous and light-headed. I didn’t connect with the audience and several of my jokes fell flat. I could begin to give you 101 excuses. Here they go ….. I could not work the powerpoint projector. My mind […]

Worst Speech I Ever Gave by Andrew Morrison

Online Ticketing for Write Your Book in 30 Days VIP Access Pass powered by Eventbrite  ARE YOU READY TO BECOME AN AUTHOR? For the first time, I’m offering group coaching sessions during the Write Your Book in 30 Days Challenge The Write Your Book in 30 Day Challenge was created […]


Author’s assistants are well-known inside the publishing world, but not recognized by many outside of it.  We predict that will change very soon because of the increasing numbers of authors who are getting published, either as independent publishers themselves or the more traditional route with established publishers. Every big-time author […]

The 4 Biggest Reasons Why You Should Hire an Author’s ...