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Most Digital Publishing Start-ups Will Fail: This One Won’t Over the next several years, more school districts are going to be outfitting their students with tablet computers. As they have more tablets in the system, it will become harder to manage them, especially when it comes to the content that […]

This Week in Publishing (Week of Feb 18th)

Net Minds Launches Platform to Help Indie Authors Find a Publishing Team   Before Net Minds, the publishing process was fraught with inefficiencies that impact authors through shrinking advances, unfair royalty rates, multi-year publishing processes, and increasing expectations to market and promote their own books. Also, publishing talents that edit, […]

This Week in Publishing (Week of Feb 12)

  #5 Vine What’s Vine? Vine is Twitter’s version of YouTube but with a  very short attention span. You thought trying to write a book in 140 characters was hard, try creating a 6 seconds video. Yeap, 6 seconds. But once you wrap your mind around the concept, you may begin […]

Lit Diva’s Top 5 Writers Apps for 2013 (Until Something ...