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I’m a Scandal fanatic. I love the intrigue, the romance, the characters and of course, the scandals! It’s a writer’s paradise. It has all the juicy components of a great read with enough plot twists to shade Erika Kane. Plot twists are that moment in the story timeline where everything changes. […]

Shonda Rhimes: Plot Twist Master #amwriting #scandal

On October 2nd, 2015, I was a guest on The Dr. Vibe Show. My interview was originally conducted on BLAB, a Livestream Platform that allowed other listeners to “jump” into the conversation. Unfortunately, BLAB has since shut down. However, Dr. Vibe had the foresight to create an audio recording of […]

That Time I was on The Dr. Vibe Show

On September 20th, I posted on Facebook and Instagram, I was determined to complete my book, Just Write That Book Already! by the holidays. It was about 85% complete. But, something kept stopping me from finishing it. Finally, I got over that story and with the help of some key […]

Yeay! I did it! My new book baby is born ...