print on demand (POD)

1) Why would someone want to turn their book into a booklet? This gives readers a bite-sized palatable introduction to a new topic in their life rather than first delving into a 200-page book as their first experience with new information. The booklet can be an overview of the most […]

Booklets, Another Way to Sell Your Books By Paulette Ensign

On Thursday, November 4th, Borders officially threw their hat in the E-Book Publishing game.  Powered by BookBrewer, Borders Get Published ( is yet another example of online book retailers adapting to the times and expanding their services to help bring in more revenue. Most recently Barnes and Noble launched Pubit!  ( […]

Borders Joins the E-Pub Rat Race by Joy Farrington

Successful authors need three things: A book Buyers Marketing A book is the obvious. Without a book you have nothing to sell. Without something to sell you can’t make money.  Next, buyers; lots of buyers. This is again very obvious but for some reason many authors don’t put much thought […]

Where Can You Ever Find the Time to Market Your ...