3 Ways Tips Booklets Work For You by Paulette Ensign

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As a business owner, whether solopreneur or involved in a larger business, there are many ways a tips booklet works for you, whether it’s a printed copy or a downloadable ebooklet. Here are three to get you started thinking (and creating!):

1. They further educate your client or prospect as a leave-behind or a preview of your services. You can distinguish yourself by providing something they are unlikely to throw away, that will keep you in front of them much longer.

2. They give your colleagues a better idea of your expertise so they can refer you to their contacts. You not only educate your prospects, you also educate your colleagues with the distinctive tool of a tips booklet. Your colleagues may even want to purchase copies of your booklet as a marketing tool for their business.

3. They serve as an income stream unto themselves when you sell them in bulk to companies and associations to help them promote their product, service, or cause by using the booklet as a gift. Imagine your clients paying you to market you. That’s exactly what happens when a company or association invests in your booklet and then gives it away strategically to further their own promotional purposes.

What other uses can you identify that you’ve experienced or are considering? Anytime you see someone handing out something as a promotional tool for any reason, think about whether that would also be an ideal positioning for your booklet. It could be as a gift with purchase, as a thank-you for opening an account, as a leave-behind in a sales call or other interview, or many other ways limited only by your imagination.

Paulette Ensign’s San Diego-based Tips Products International teaches people worldwide to transform their knowledge into money-making tips booklets and other formats of information products, online and offline, thousands of copies at a time. Want to learn how simple this is? Visit http://www.tipsbooklets.com for resources to propel you to the next level.

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