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Tony Bishop sat handcuffed in a metal chair.

His blood dripped slowly onto the floor like water from a leaky faucet and provided the only splHandcuffedHands_360_228_95ash of color in the otherwise all white room.

His chair was the only furniture allowed in the interrogation room, so Stella was forced to stand. Her back pressed against the wall as she stood in front of him. Hands to her side, her dark brown eyes gave no hint to what she was about to do.

Stella was allowed five minutes alone with the bastard and the clock was ticking.

She knew they were watching her.

She promised them she wouldn’t touch him.

And she will keep her promise.


In her right hand, she held a pen that wasn’t your typical writing utensil. Inside the ink reservoir contained a poison designed specifically to kill the target quickly while leaving no proof of foul play. It was a personal favorite of hers. One she frequently used on her high-profile marks. Once she retracted the top of the pen, the invisible ink will stream out and leach onto Bishop’s skin, quickly seeping into his bloodstream.

It would be a quick death. A death he didn’t deserve. But Stella would still have the satisfaction of killing the man who murdered her little sister.

But before she killed him, she needed to ask him one question.

“Why her?”

Bishop looked at her, cocked his head to the side and smirked. Even though he’s spent the last few hours being tortured, he was still holding on to his swagger.

“That’s the wrong question.” He replied.

“What?!” Stella exclaimed.

“Why would the Agency capture and torture a supposed murderer?” he asked in a slow southern drawl “They infiltrate terrorist cells, help stage coups, have spies stationed in all major governments around the world. But they suddenly act like a local police department and pick me up for murder? You’re a smart woman, Agent V.. You’re asking the wrong question.”


3859038_f260Stella stared back at the once handsome face, now swollen from the many punches someone had administrated earlier. She was shocked that he knew so much about the goings-on in her company. That fact alone was unnerving but as she quickly pieced together the series of events that lead to his capture, she began to suspect things weren’t as they seem.

When her Cell Leader proudly told her “we got him,” she assumed the agency hunted him down because they sensed how important it was for her to track down her sister’s murderer. She’s has been with the company for eight years and because of the secretive nature of their work, the team has developed a strong bond with one another.

The Agency was a specialized military unit that specialized in espionage, black ops, and guerrilla tactics yet the Pentagon and CIA has no records of their existence. They got their orders directly from the West Wing. When the President needed something discretely handled, he called the Agency.

Matter of fact, all orders were assigned from the Executive Office. Yet why would the President sanction the pick-up of a murderer? It would be considered a waste of resources. As far as Stella knew, Bishop posed no national threat and yet here he was, tied up all nice and neat for her. The only thing missing was a big red bow. She hated to admit it, but Bishop was right. She did ask the wrong question.

She decided to start over.

“Who. are. you?” She asked.

“Ah,” Tony Bishop said with a smirk. “Now that’s the right question.”

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