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Well it looks like the rumors are true. Amazon plans to open a retail store in Seattle. The store will serve as a model for any future Amazon stores and will feature high-end products (i.e. Kindle Fire) and yes, their Amazon’s book titles.

This makes sense when you consider Amazon’s policies are reminiscent of Apple’s business model of:

  • Continue pushing into other markets and dominating it….check
  • Pissing off Competition…check
  • Offer such killer products that your customers gladly turn a blind eye to all the titter-tatter going on in the background…check
  • Vie for world domination…pending

I was (and still) hoping that Amazon and Barnes and Noble would come to some sort of agreement.  As an author who loves using CreateSpace, Amazon’s Print of Demand service, the idea of my books having no chance in Hades of being stock by B&N….well it sucks! And for those self publish authors who think this doesn’t affect CreateSpace titles think again.

But you can’t denied it’s been an exciting week for the book world and quite frankly  I’m loving all the intrigue and mayhem.

“Amazon sources close to the situation have told us that the company is planning on rolling out a retail store in Seattle within the next few months…

A source has told us that they are not looking to launch a huge store with thousands of square feet. Instead they are going the boutique route and stocking the shelves with only high margin and high-end items. Their intention is to mainly hustle their entire line of Kindle e-Readers and the Kindle Fire. They also will be stocking a ton of accessories such as cases, screen protectors and USB adapters…

The store itself they are creating is not just selling tangible items like e-readers and tablets but also their books. Amazon recently started their own publishing division and has locked up many indie and prominent figures to write exclusively with the company. This has prompted their rivals such as Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million to publicly proclaim they won’t touch Amazons physical book with a ten-foot-pole. Amazon launching their own store will give customer a way to physically buy books and also sample ebooks via WIFI when they are in a physical location.”


Source: GoodReader

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4 thoughts on “Amazon to open Apple-Like Retail Store

  • Candace Shaw

    I’m surprised Amazon is opening a store considering bookstores are closing left and right but I guess if its like the Apple stores then its a different concept. I may still go with Createspace if I have to self-publish. I just want print books available for people like me who actually still buys print books and do not own an ereader. For now, I just download to my Kindle PC when I have to.

  • moonbridgebooks

    A Kindle real store makes sense, although then they might not be able to keep selling their Kindles at no profit. They can’t be a real bookstore because then they wouldn’t be able to sell at a loss and keep away competition. They can have little boutique stores to sell their own pubbed books because nobody else wants them. Amazon-owned authors can go to Seattle for their booksignings.

  • thewriteedge

    Despite the fact that this makes sense in a certain way, in another I find it highly ironic. I mean, Amazon built its whole business by cornering the online market. And now they want to build a brick-and-mortar store! After the forceful push for all things digital, I really find the decision quite interesting.

    I haven’t tried publishing with Amazon yet, but I’m a fan of their site in general. I’ve been intrigued by all the developments in the publishing world recently and I think we’re at an interesting, exciting time in the industry. It’s also a little scary, given what Amazon is trying to accomplish, but I plan to reserve judgment on their decisions until all the dust settles. Given the conversations by some and the outcry by others, it may be a while before it does.

    Thanks for sharing the article. It’s necessary and interesting!