Ask the Lit Diva: “Should I Collaborate with Other Book Clubs?”


“When you invite an author, is it ok to collaborate with other book clubs and is charging appropriate?” – Lashanda

Hi Lashanda,

To answer your question….. YES, YES, and YES! Partnering with another book club is a great idea. And yes, its perfectly okay to charge a fee.

If you feel a little uncomfortable about charging an attendance fee, just think about all the time, effort, and money you and your book club will spend in order to put the shing-ding together.

If you’d like to invite an author, seek out a local author which will help you avoid over extending your budget. If an author has to travel to attend your conference, it’s expected that you, as the organizer, cover their travel expenses.

Some examples of literary events are: workshops, conferences, luncheons, and book release parties.

Book signings are normally a free event. However, you could create a package where the attendees pay for the featured book as an entrance fee. That particular practice has been growing over the years at independent book stores across the country.

Networking with other book clubs and organizing an event together is a great idea. Just make sure everyone is aware of the role they have to play, and everything should run smoothly.


Joy the Lit Diva

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