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Today is Day #1 of the 21 Days of Writing Challenge and to kick things off, let’s tap into our creative mojo and commit the perfect crime.

Disclaimer: To the FBI, NSA, CIA and B16 agents that troll the internet for dumb criminals who post all their evil doings online, this is a writing prompt; a creative exercise if you will. We have no intention of committing said crimes. Well, unless we come up with an excellent scenario in which case, we’re not speaking until we talk to our lawyer.

Scary Fact: I came across a website that tell you how to get away with the perfect crime. The fact that I found a ton of information about how to commit a crime and getaway with it is pretty freaking scary but let’s save the mass hysteria for another day.

Interested in writing about something else? No problem. Remember, this challenge is design to get you in the habit of writing so feel free to write about anything that interest you.

Share your criminal scenarios and other writings in the comment box below. I’d love to see how devious the stories get.

And don’t forget to share your stories and progress on Facebook and Twitter by using the hashtag #21DaysofWriting.




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2 thoughts on “How to Commit the perfect Crime? #21daysofwriting

  • Don Miskel

    Joy, I’m all about committing perfect crimes. Here’s the first part of a story I wrote with something like that in mind:

    Making a living as a death dealer—an oxymoronic, yet concrete notion if ever there was one—definitely lacked the glamorous appeal of some tuxedo-wearing secret agent a la Hollywood. If prostitution was the world’s oldest profession, then assassination was its snickering kid brother.

    He felt a mix of queasiness and excitement, staring through bluish-gray wisps of smoke at the thing he held in his hands. It mirrored a sexual encounter, the foreplay being his gentle caress of the envelope, delicately undressing and opening it to reveal the contents inside. Like a potential lover, the blank manila held gravitational pull in his corner of the universe: details concerning the dispatch of some unlucky soul.

    Want more? Check out the full flash fiction piece at:

  • Kristina Parker

    A day late posting this but better late than never, don’t want to get too behind in this challenge. The perfect crime. In a book I am currently working on it’s about a woman who goes on a vigilante killing spree that initially started to avenge the death of her sister who committed suicide due to the pressure of raising two children alone. The father of her children constantly blew her off and was a real jack*ss. In her state of emotional rage she confronts him:

    It was dark and cold and Skyye crouches down in the backseat of Craig’s Suburban in the parking lot of Brady’s Billiards and Lounge. As she started surveillance on Craig, she learned he frequented this seedy establishment and stayed until it closed every Saturday night His typical routine made it easy for Skyye to plot her revenge against the man who led her sister to kill herself, leaving behind two beautiful children. Skyye never liked Craig and didn’t understand why such an intelligent and loving person like her sister ever saw in him. But now Lina is gone and a hole pulsates in Skyye’s chest as a constant reminder. Skyye in in the truck for seems like an eternity then she hears the crowd let out. There is a raucous between Craig and another man and then the two walk away. Skyye’s heart is pumping at a rapid pace as she clutches the gun outfit with a silencer tightly in her hand. Her breath quickens and she feels as if she is going to faint from anxiety. Craig obviously tipsy gets in the truck and makes a phone call without ever noticing Skyye. The conversation is obviously with a woman which almost sickens Skyye to her stomach. The parking lot quickly empties as Craig continues his conversation. Skyyes is nervous, angry and anxious, she can feel her heart pounding in her ears, her mouth has gone dry and her hands are shaking like fall leaves in the breeze. Just as Craig hangs up the phone Skyye raises up from the backseat, puts the barrel to the back of Craig’s head and shoots twice. Craig falls over limp in the passenger seat. Skyye wants to scream but she looks around in the darkness and desolate parking lot, exits the truck and disappears into the night.