Ignorance Breeds Ignorance


Dear Wanna-be author,


I noticed you’ve been worshiping the altar author who claims to know it all.

You know who I mean.

The person who has a way to steer a comment thread down a steep cliff of negativity when everyone else was happily walking down the positive road well-traveled.

You know who I mean.

The person who argues online so loudly, you just know THEY know what they’re talking about. I mean they write in ALL CAPS! So what they’re saying MUST BE TRUE!!!

You know who I mean.

The person who is so quick to blast other authors, un-friend those who have the audacity to disagree with them, and ridicule the few who decided not to bow down at their altar…I mean author status.

You know who I mean.

The person who thinks everyone stole their book idea. The same book idea that was so original, it’s been duplicated, copied, and scanned more times than the amount of glitter on Edward’s cold, sparkly, vampire skin. #TeamJacob4Life

You know who I mean.

The person who feels the need to show-out and prove dey’s about that life by screenshoting and posting their royalty checks. Every. Single. Quarter.

You know who I mean.

The person who love to collect haters and works under the assumption, everyone is out to get them. Yet they ain’t got no worries. ‘Cause they know God has a plan for them and will bless them in front of those that choose to critique their every Facebook post. So F^%# all ya B#*&*hes and Ratchet h$&es <3


If you actively engage with authors who:

  • Goes out of their way to talk down the talent of others authors in order to push up their self-esteem
  • Feels the need to prove their status by constantly proclaiming themselves a bestselling thousandaire author at the most random moments
  • Loves collecting “haters” as some sort of honor badge

In-turn, you will unconsciously begin to mimic the negative attitude of your social frenemies.

Ignorance Breeds Ignorance.

Success Breeds Success.


Instead of mirroring the negative actions of the loudest in the online universe, follow those who whispers carries the weight of giants. If something doesn’t ring true to you, don’t be afraid to check it out.

Check the Messenger

Check the Facts

Check the Content

Check the Stats

Don’t assume your new bestselling-author-mentor-coach-expert-thousandaire-frenemey know what they’re talking about because they’re the one in virtual room with the baddest swag.

Instead become familiar with successful experts who are online to share their knowledge with other while checking their ego at the door.

A real expert knows:

  • You collect social bees with honey and collect social haters with manure
  • Knows the status of their bank account is a reflection of their hard work and doesn’t feel the need to “show-out” by posting a pic of their royalty check on their social media feed Every. Single. Quarter.
  • Knows everyone won’t agree with them–and is okay with that.
  • Knows that as long as their message is sincere, it will reach the people who needs to hear it the most–NO SOCIAL RANTS AND NO ALL CAPS NEEDED!!!

Ignorance Breeds Ignorance.

Success breeds Success.


Positivity or Negatively

Red or Blue Pill?

Decide wisely cause once you fall down the proverbial rabbit hole….

With love,


Joy the Lit Diva

About the Write Your Book in 30 Days Challenge:

The Write Your Book in 30 Day Challenge was created by Andrew Morrison and is co-facilitated, Joy Farrington. During the challenge, participants are encouraged to write a 70-100 pages book that will help them brand their brilliance. Andrew and Joy believes that a book is the new business card and share with participants how to use their book to:

  1. Build their brand
  2. Gain New Customers
  3. Build Trust with Potential Customers
  4. Attract Media Attention
  5. Build an Author Platform
  6. Becoming known as an Expert in their Industry
  7. Creating a Stream of Passive Income
To participate in the challenge visit http://www.facebook.com/groups/Bookin30Days/

About Joy Farrington

Joy the Lit Diva (Farrington) is a Professional Book Accountability Partner, Book Coach, and Content Creator who enjoys assisting coaches, speakers, and non-fiction authors with the writing, publishing, and marketing of their books. The Writers Mastery Course is an ongoing Writing Series conducted in a virtual classroom. The overall focus of each course is to assist new authors with the ins-and-outs of Writing, Publishing, Book Marketing, and Authorprenership. With a focus on online tools that make your job as a writer easier, the Writers Mastery course is a unique way to hone your skills as a writer and reach your publishing goals. For more information about the Writers Mastery Course, please visit: http://litdiva.com/WMC/

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