It’s Tax Season…even for Writers



It’s that time of year again. That’s right, Tax Season. So what a creative professional who’d rather spend time writing their books then managing their books to do? Well, check out these books written specifically for writers that’s sure to help you get all your financial accounts in order.


Business Tips and Taxes for Writers by Carol Topp, CPA

Are you a writer serious about making money and keeping it? Business Tips and Taxes for Writers takes the mystery out of the tax code and allows you to understand the business of being an author.
You will learn:
>The best business structure for writers
>Special tax breaks for writers
>Legitimate tax deductions
>Writing as a ministry
>Simple and easy record keeping
>Dealing with inventory and sales tax

And, so much more! This informative book will help you keep your hard earned money and have the peace of mind associated with doing it correctly!


Bookkeeping Basics for Freelance Writers by Brigitte A. Thompson

This book addresses issues writers face daily such as how to deduct travel expenses, determine taxable writing income, and claim home office deductions. Navigating through the recordkeeping required for a small business owner can be difficult. This book is written exclusively for those of us who earn money by writing. It includes useful information to help interpret the complexities of our federal tax code and proven techniques to reduce taxable income. Throughout the book we have included tips from both new and seasoned writers. In the Tips for Success feature writers share the wisdom they have acquired over time. In the Writer s Block feature you will discover specific questions writers have submitted which, when answered, help clarify points made about that topic. You will also find that each part of this book works together to assist you in forming your overall business plan. Each chapter steps through a comprehensive plan that works as a building block towards a successful writing business.


New Tax Guide for Writers, Artists, Performers, and Other Creative People by Peter Jason Riley

Peter Jason Riley s book is the most authoritative and up-to-date guide to tax preparation for writers, actors, dancers, visual artists, musicians and other creative professionals. It includes information for 2011 tax forms along with a guide to completing them, useful for both individuals looking for information on preparing the forms, deductions and other tax issues. It also includes examples of 2011 final tax returns, as well as guides and links to where those tax forms can be found. Written with the non-accountant, creative individual in mind, this guide provides a clear outline of taxes, responsibilities, income, deductions, I.R.S. audit guidance, timelines and tax and accounting issues. It also serves as a primer to to Peter Jason Riley s outstanding website, artstaxinfodotcom, where in-depth tax information that goes beyond the scope of the book as well as updates that occur after publication can be found. Furthermore, the book covers good financial practices that the individual can refer to throughout the year to minimize taxes and the pain of filing them.


Tax Tips for Authors by N.S. Smith & EM Lynley

Writers, are you stymied by Schedule C and
self-employment tax? Not sure you’re getting all the deductions you
deserve, or uncertain precisely what the IRS allows?

This book is a compilation of  a 10-lecture course and additional information taught each spring. It is not intended to be an extensive or exhaustive volume on small-business taxes or general tax concepts. It’s a concise source of the most useful information for writers preparing their own tax returns. This book is not filled with lots of long-winded stories about clients to fill word count and add pages. You don’t have time to read all that. You just want to know how to fill in your forms and what you can and can’t deduct. I will answer those questions, as well as provide additional useful and necessary information for tax planning and recordkeeping.

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