Lit Diva’s Top 5 Writers Apps for 2013 (Until Something Cooler Comes Out)


#5 Vine

What’s Vine? Vine is Twitter’s version of YouTube but with a  very short attention span. You thought trying to write a book in 140 characters was hard, try creating a 6 seconds video. Yeap, 6 seconds. But once you wrap your mind around the concept, you may begin to think up some cool ways to promote your next book or event using Vine.

Vine is pretty fun. However, watch where you step while walking through Vine. Shared videos can ranges from rated G to rated OMG-How-Can-She-Do-That-And-Still-Walk-Straight (just joking-kinda). But with all the attention Vine been getting lately, followers are growing fast so I highly recommend adding it to your social marketing arsenal.

Vine recently been rated Age 17+  but surprisingly is still available in the iTunes store. 

#4 List for Writers

 Basically, Lists for Writers is an app with, you guessed it, a ton of lists for writers. Each list is designed to help generate ideas for plots, settings, character development and more. Great for those who need to get out of a writers rut or suffering from writers block.

List for Writers is available on iTunes, Amazon App , and Google Play and cost about 2 bucks.


#3 Evernote

Evernote is not the newest app out right now. But it’s turning into one of those apps that every writer should have in their digital toolkit. Evernote is kinda like a portable bulletin board with the clean design of Pinterest and the cloud-power of Google Drive. Yeah it’s that awesome.

Evernote is free and available in most (if not all) app stores.


#2 iTunes U

This app has been around for awhile too. But I wanted to share this oldie-but-goodie because of the high caliber of on-demand free courses in: Writing, Entrepreneurship, Math, Science, Art, French, and…you know what; you might as well <insert your favorite/worst school subject here> because the courses at iTunes U has it all. Brush up on your Algebra,  take a Writers Masterclass with Toni Morrison or even build your own eCourse. With so many courses available, you can’t go wrong.  This app is free but only available in the iTunes store.

#1 Story Tracker

Freelance writers, now you can keep track of where you submitted your stories with ease with the use of Story Tracker. Yes, I know a good spreadsheet would do the same thing but like Sweet Brown says “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” Lite and Premium version available in the iTune Store but at $7.99, I’ll test drive the lite version first.

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