Shonda Rhimes: Plot Twist Master #amwriting #scandal


I’m a Scandal fanatic. I love the intrigue, the romance, the characters and of course, the scandals! It’s a writer’s paradise. It has all the juicy components of a great read with enough plot twists to shade Erika Kane.


Plot twists are that moment in the story timeline where everything changes. The readers are usually surprised and left dumbfounded, and the writer enjoys the glee of shocking her audience. Shonda Rhimes and her team of writers are the reigning champs of the Plot Twist. For example, when Olivia, whom you consider to be “everythang!” does something so against her character, you’re like “WTF Liv!” Next thing you know, Papa Pope, the King of the Monologue, triggers a series of events that could change the course of America History (no exaggeration, dude is that badass). And let’s not go into the intricate romance that is Olivia and Fitz. Trying to analyze that coupling could become a thesis for a doctoral dissertation.

When done correctly, a plot twist can leave your audience in shock, anger, rage, mystified, stupefied, and left shaking with so many emotions, your readers will throw your book against the wall. Then they will pick it up five minutes later, ready to gobble up the rest of the pages.

So, which TV Show, book, or movie left you begging for more? Which story-line had you so caught up in emotions you didn’t quite know how to feel.

Originally posted Aug 7th, 2014

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