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Meet Joy Farrington:  A creative business leader with a passion for books, writing and literature, Joy Farrington is the President of Lit Diva, Inc. She’s hosted virtual book tours for authors, interviewed established writers such as poet, Nikki Giovanni, and managed successful book clubs. It’s no wonder she’s the author of the book, A Literary Diva’s Guide to Hosting a Fab Book Club Meeting. This literary diva and virtual assistant to authors is online at Keep reading to find out what she has to say about the literary market, up-and-coming authors and the state of the book industry.

WMI:     What has the process of evolving from leading a book club to providing virtual support services to authors, coaches and other creative business leaders been like for you?

JF:      Well, it was actually a pretty easy transition when I think back on it. Many book club presidents are asked by authors for help in some way. This tends to lead to book club presidents starting a side-hustle which may lead to greater opportunities. As for me, I was always helping authors through by book club, whether it was with marketing, connecting authors with other book clubs or planning an event; I loved every minute of it. So, I always knew I wanted to do something with “this book club thing” as my friends called it, but I wasn’t exactly sure how to go about doing it. An earlier business I started focused on online book marketing and networking. However, my mentor, Andrew Morrison, took me aside. He would tell me, “You need to focus on what you’re doing now…helping authors.” It took a while for me to understand what he meant, but after I understood what he meant, I changed my business model to a virtual assistance (VA) service for authors; it was a perfect fit for me.

WMI:     How did you arrive at the name, the Lit Diva, Inc.? And how important is a company name for business branding and expansion?

JF:          Lit Diva, Inc. is a spinoff of my book, A Literary Diva’s Guide to Hosting a Fab Book Club Meeting. It’s also a nod to one of my favorite chick lit books, Diva, Inc., which is written by Donna Hill.

Branding is a key to everything. When people think about my company I want them to tie it into literary services. For me it’s very important that, when people think about me, they also think about my brand. And so far it’s working. I’ve been referred to as “that lit diva lady,” “the lit diva,” and other variations of the term. I love it because even if people don’t remember my name, they remember my brand.

WMI:     Tell us about specific services Lit Diva, Inc. offers to authors and coaches?

JF:     Not to generalize it and say we offer everything, but we come pretty darn close. I focus on literary services which could range from marketing to book creation to help with self-publishing. But mostly I provide administrative work which varies depending on a client’s needs. For instance, one author may ask for help handling incoming calls and scheduling speaking engagements while another author may ask me to contact bookstores and schedule book signings. I also act as a project manager for one time projects: creating book cover designs, book editing, book trailers, and typesetting. Since I’m a solo-preneur, having a team of subcontractors in place who I know do exceptional work has helped me to expand my services and obtain more clients.

WMI:     A few years ago self-published books were frowned upon. Authors had to work hard to get their independently published books into libraries and bookstores. The landscape has changed. That said, in what key ways do you see self-publishing changing even further over the coming two to three years?

JF:     Self-publishing has become a huge game-changer for the book world. I think there were two tipping points that changed the way the world views self-published authors. First, you have…. Click here to read more

About Joy Farrington

Joy the Lit Diva (Farrington) is a Professional Book Accountability Partner, Book Coach, and Content Creator who enjoys assisting coaches, speakers, and non-fiction authors with the writing, publishing, and marketing of their books. The Writers Mastery Course is an ongoing Writing Series conducted in a virtual classroom. The overall focus of each course is to assist new authors with the ins-and-outs of Writing, Publishing, Book Marketing, and Authorprenership. With a focus on online tools that make your job as a writer easier, the Writers Mastery course is a unique way to hone your skills as a writer and reach your publishing goals. For more information about the Writers Mastery Course, please visit:

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