Team Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million Refuses to Stock Amazon Titles 5 comments

As reported on Publisher Weekly, Books-a-Million announced today they won’t stock Amazon book titles.

Books-A-Million has joined with Barnes & Noble and will not carry Amazon Publishing titles, including those published under Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s New Harvest imprint, a BAM executive confirmed to PW.

In an earlier post, I talked about Barnes and Noble announcement and wondered if their decision would make authors reconsider publishing with Amazon. Now with BAM backing B&N, the questions seems even more relevant.

In my opinion, BAM and B&N decisions speaks directly to authors and their egos. Many authors enjoy seeing their books in bookstores, having book signings, or even just making the announcement that their book is available “everywhere.”

Several Independent bookstores have refused to stock Amazon books in the past and with major chains like Barnes and Noble and Books a Million following in their heels, hopefully a change is going to come in regard to Amazon’s actions for exclusivity.

I don’t think Amazon will buckle though until they see a drastic nose-dive in their book sales. Which means that readers and authors will have to make the collective decision to not purchase their titles or publish through them until Amazon stop cock-blocking (yeah I said it) their compeition.

Do you think Books-a-Million and Barnes and Noble refusal to stock Amazon titles will force Amazon to change their ways?

Source: Publisher Weekly

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5 thoughts on “Team Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million Refuses to Stock Amazon Titles

  • bibliopirate

    I don’t think this will change Amazon’s practices. It might discourage authors from publishing through Amazon though. It would be hard to feel like a published author if people can’t get your book through stores.

    • Joy Farrington Post author

      Yeah I agree. It’s going to take ALOT to make Amazon change and since their primary source of book sells is through their website they might be sitting in their global office and laughing it up right now.

  • Sylke

    I’m one of those authors thinking about the consequences to publish with createspace, but honestly the other offers I got for publishing my book are just not as good. And I’m not talking about the royalties. I’m talking about the price of the book. I wrote a children’s picture book, lots of illustrations and the cheapest I could get it out there would be $19.95. I’d never pay that much for a children’s paperback. Amazon would allow me to go around $9.99 and that’s the reason for me to stick with them. What good does a book do me on a shelf, if nobody is going to buy it?