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Net Minds Launches Platform to Help Indie Authors Find a Publishing Team



Before Net Minds, the publishing process was fraught with inefficiencies that impact authors through shrinking advances, unfair royalty rates, multi-year publishing processes, and increasing expectations to market and promote their own books. Also, publishing talents that edit, package and promote books are suffering from diminishing job security, increasing workload and, for freelancers, lower fees.

Net Minds’ crowd-powered service gives authors rights, project autonomy and team building tools that make the publishing process transparent and effective. Instead of acquiring authors’ rights and giving them only 20 percent of the pie and little flexibility in choosing their team, title or release date, Net Minds flips the publishing industry model. Future releases will add collaboration tools for all parts of the publishing process, from project work to crowd sourced book proposals. Read More


Why eBook Retailers Are Embracing Self-Published Authors


….Few in the publishing industry, however, have examined why retailers are stepping up their support for self-published books, and why readers are purchasing them.  When we examine the myriad reasons, we see the playing field is likely to continue tilting to the advantage of self-published ebook authors.

Here, I’ll outline why retailers and readers are supporting self-published books, and what it means for authors (Mark Coker). Read More


Inkling takes on Amazon, Apple with new e-book publishing tool


Inkling, which counts Sequoia Capital and publishers McGraw-Hill and Pearson among its investors, yesterday at an event in New York City unveiled a new digital book publishing tool for professionals, dubbed Habitat. It also launched the “Inkling Content Delivery Platform” to allow people to comb through books using search engines like Google and read limited amounts of content for free. Read More


EbookPlus Wants to Make Ebooks Free With Advertising


The predominant eBook business model has been online sales in which the reader pays a fixed price and obtains the right to download the eBook. A significant group of people is prepared to pay for eBooks, but there is a much larger group who are simply not prepared to pay for a digital file, protected by DRM, which they cannot resell, exchange or even lend. Such readers prefer to spend time searching the Internet to find a pirate version of an eBook., a platform that connects readers, authors, publishers and advertisers, corrects this problem by allowing readers to read eBooks for free, legally while providing advertising opportunities for businesses. Read More


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