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Most Digital Publishing Start-ups Will Fail: This One Won’t

Over the next several years, more school districts are going to be outfitting their students with tablet computers. As they have more tablets in the system, it will become harder to manage them, especially when it comes to the content that is on the devices.


MetaComet Debuts

MetaComet Systems, the company that developed the RoyaltyTracker royalty management system, has begun tests on, a new platform that it hopes will improve communications between authors, publishers and agents. is in beta testing with the Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group and Samhain Publishing, and the company’s president David Marlin said he expects to gradually add more publishers in the months ahead.


Book Designer Confesses: The Truth About Word Processors

Of course, we were right that you can’t create a truly professional quality book in Word, since it doesn’t have the typographic chops to produce great type, and it’s pretty hopeless at layouts that demand precision.

But the plain truth is that thousands of authors ignored all the advice and stuck with the program they already own and use: Microsoft Word.

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2 thoughts on “This Week in Publishing (Week of Feb 18th)

  • Gwendoline Y. Fortune

    As a writer who calls herself “technododo. I have been slo=wed inmy writing output because the constant changes to the technology work against my “flow.” Earlier, I could do more with WORD, but as upgrades proliferated, functions i once used became hidden.” I stopped looking fo them, so lost the ability.

    At least the basic system still functions as a writer would needs, and I simply have to pay for the sophisticated stuff.

    I don’t like it, for my ancient impulse is to write and read, not play games and draw pictures.