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Your market is continually increasing and everything is, by far, positive in your company. The problem is you couldn’t keep up with the demands of office work and other business needs. A smart move that you can make for your growing business is to hire a person fully-equipped with the right skills you needed and does not need your presence 24/7.

Who would have thought that someone remote can do meaningful work for you? The fast-advancing technology set the stage for a new breed of workers that benefit employers and emerging businessmen in a lot of ways. Virtual assistants or offshore secretaries can positively affect business growth and maximize productivity of employers in terms of seeking clients and winning them.

It is said that an average businessman who opts to do clerical jobs by himself spends more time in the office and becoming his own secretary. As a result, “real” businessman jobs are left out, which could potentially decrease business improvement. This is where online assistants come in; to do all those tasks for you while you focus on improving marketing techniques needed to gather clients. Depending on the nature of your business, you may choose one from the types of virtual assistants who can perform the duties you want them to make. Gone are the days when the best talents in the industry go solely to established companies; you too have the chance to hire “beyond compare” assistants that could become company assets.

Types of Virtual Assistants

SEO and SEM Virtual Assistants

For a modern businessman, internet marketing is not a strange word, but the question is, can you keep up with the fast-paced changes in the Internet? Hiring an SEM virtual assistant or online marketing virtual assistant is a good way to market your business in the Web. Note that SEM or search engine marketing encompasses all SEO strategies needed for search engine visibility. SEO assistants do several things that you may not know of when it comes to internet marketing. Basic tasks that an SEO assistant does for your company website are the following:

• On-page Optimization
• Competition Analysis
• Keyword Research
• Domain Registration
• Active Forum Participation
• Bloggosphere Participation
• Submission Services
• Link Building
• Content Marketing

These activities, along with a few more, will help you have greater internet visibility in search engine results. This is a great opportunity for you to advertise your company without necessarily paying expensive advertising cost.

Virtual Assistant Writer

Virtual writers are assistants who create your daily writing needs. As a businessman, it’s really not in your job description to write creative contents in your company website or promotional blogs needed for advertising purposes. Why make a fuss out of it if you can hire a virtual marketing writer that translates your business ideals to striking sentences. In website development, good content writers are badly needed. Note that internet users are browsing services not to avail them directly but to find out more of them before making a deal. You need to employ a writer who can create convincing articles without giving an obvious sales pitch.

An efficient internet marketing writer creates SEO-ready articles populated with correct keywords. In other cases, article writers also create non-SEO related writing tasks such as technical writing and research.

Virtual Assistant Web Developer

Web developers are the lifeblood of any running website. They are responsible in creating a functional and creative website for your company and keeping it up to date. A virtual programmer delivers all your computer programming needs from creation, re-designing, to maintenance. Virtual programmers who are experienced in building company websites basically know what clients want to see in a website. Common services that virtual assistant programmers do for you are:

• Web Design Services
• Graphic Design Services
• Logo Design Services

For creative and programmers, they can act as a virtual assistant graphics artist and programmer all at the same time. These two roles commonly go together, thus making it possible for programmers to perform designing services. If you can get programming and designing skills all in one virtual assistant, just imagine the payroll cut cost that you can have! As an employer, you still have the privilege to employ two different professionals to work on both duties.

Virtual Employee

Hiring virtual employees are just like hiring contractual, off-site workers only that you reach them via phone or the Internet. They are hired to perform tasks in a remote location from your physical office and are working directly from your orders. Unlike other virtual assistants, a virtual employee is hired like your offsite employees but performs the tasks somewhere away from your office.

Virtual Administrative Assistant

Virtual administrative workers conducts all your office and clerical needs and act like typical office secretaries, only that they are working online. They are responsible in keeping your documents, presentations, schedule, and client communication needs organized and updated. In short, they do all the things that you hate to do as a businessman and a great way to take off all those time-consuming tasks from your priorities. Get away with email responding, phone call receiving, and presentation making without necessarily disregarding them by hiring online administrative assistants.

Virtual Financial Assistant

One of the most crucial aspects of your business is balancing income and expenses. In hiring a trusted virtual financial assistant, you can do away with the headache of bookkeeping and financial records of your company. They are just as qualified as traditional bookkeepers and are trained to handle different financial transactions such as banking and tax submission.

In choosing virtual assistants, make sure that they have the right skills that you need in your company. Many online assistants can do multi-tasking which could potentially save up your time and payroll expenses, but be reminded that if you want someone who can do specific jobs for your company such as programming or writing, your virtual assistant can efficiently perform them. The nature of your business should match your qualifications in finding virtual assistants.

Kristine Ferguson is a manager in a call center managing various virtual assistant working for American entrepreneurs. The company where she works also offers outsourcing web design services and online branding.

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  • Renalyn

    Thanks for the good post! If this is not against your website policy, please allow me to post a brief overview of my background and experience as it might help me to find stable career as a Virtual Assistant.

    I began my virtual career way back 2012 in Upwork, formerly known as oDesk as a Data Entry Virtual Assistant, then brought up my career to the next level in Internet Marketing niche on September the same year. Since the day I was introduced to internet marketing I’ve decided to stick with it and educate myself in some of its area. Specifically, I specialize Solo Ads. Solo Ads is an advertising strategy where people buy clicks or traffic from someone who owns email clients data base and send affiliate offer to the email database stored by a third party email marketing company. Solo Ads is considered by hundreds of internet marketers as the most powerful technique to generate sales for affiliate offers, may it be paid or a free offers.

    Now as an experienced Virtual Assistant and a Solo Ads Manager, I am still passionate about helping start-up business owners and internet marketers with different nationalities to run their internet marketing business and I am proud that I took some of them to next level. As an Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant who deals not only on a simple data entry and research tasks, I have now upgraded my skills to work on managerial responsibilities and taking administrative assistant role who does the marketing strategy, technical support, setting up email newsletter using email autoresponders, customer service and optimization marketing software and programs.

    I keep on educating myself on new things related to virtual work hoping to land a promising opportunity who offers me a stable career and a long term employment as a Virtual Assistant.

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