Write Your Book in 30 Days, Day 12: Getting a Book Barcode #bookin30

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You’ll need a barcode for the same reason you’ll need an ISBN number; so you can sell your book in retail stores.  The bar code is placed on the bottom right corner on the back cover of your book. You will need to know the ISBN number and the retail price for you book prior to obtaining a barcode. Once you apply for a bar code, a jpeg version of the code will be emailed to you. Save the image and when the time comes, submit it to your book cover designer to add to your book cover. This process is so super easy that I won’t get into any more details about it.

Assignment: Obtain a barcode by visiting http://createbarcodes.com and click on “New User.” Fill out your information and then click “Use Wizard” which will guide you through the rest of the process.

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