Just Write That Book Already!

You want to write a book, but between your job, kids, and Facebook, you just can’t seem to find the time or get yourself organized enough to write.
So, you put your dream of becoming an author to the side until you think the time is right.

But the time is never right, is it?

That’s because you have to make the time and you have to get yourself situated so you can commit to writing your book, today.

Joy Farrington, also known as Joy the Lit Diva, will guide you throughout the various staging of writing a book.

Joy is a well-known book writing, publishing, and marketing consultant.

She is also a bestseller author who have written several books and have helped 100s of authors write and/or published their own book.In ‘Just Write That Book Already!’, Ms. Farrington presents several key strategies and components needed in writing your non-fiction book.

When you purchase this book, you’ll gain information on how to:

  • Create your own, easy-to-follow, Book Outline
  • Write a Book Chapter
  • Implement The Write Technique
  • Resource for your Book
  • Organize your Book Ideas
  • Create a Writing Schedule
  • Write a Tip Book, How- to Book, and an Interview-Style Book
  • Get Your Family and Friends on your Team
  • Keep yourself Accountable while Writing your Book

Get your Butt in Gear, Stay on Course, and Finish your Book

Now is the time to Just Write That Book Already!

So no more procrastination. No more excuses.

Learn the steps you need to take to prepare yourself to write a book and become a published author.