Kindle Publishing Made Easy Virtual Tutorial

Learn how to Publish your Book to Kindle the Quick and Easy Way in this Virtual Tutorial for New Authors

Kindle Publishing (KDP) is not new. The do-it-yourself publishing company has been around for years and many authors have taken advantage of publishing their eBooks themselves using KDP. Even with this truth, some authors remain stuck in the traditional publishing model which says:

• A book HAS to be a certain word count to be considered a book.
• A book series NEEDS to be released over the course of a year.
• A book SHOULD be written a certain way.
• A book is NOT a book unless you follow these rules.
I will debunk those old rules during my Writing Kindle Money-Making Books Program and introduce you to the new wave in indie-publishing.

Do you know you are in a unique position to create quality content that sells?

By tapping into the power of your pen, you can:
• Receive more money in your royalty check every month
• Build an Author Platform
• Increase your readership
• Create a Book Series that sells
• Become a full-time writer

Kindle Publishing allows you to create your own Editorial Calendar. You determine when to publish your eBooks.
• YOU decide when to release your series.
• YOU decide how long or short your book is.
• YOU decide how many books you will publish in a year.

KDP puts you in the driver’s seat which means: No more waiting for approval from an agent; or praying to be picked up by one of the Top 5 traditional publishing houses, or being limited to publishing only 1-2 books a year

During the KDP Program, I’ll show you:
Why your talent as a writer is so important in the Digital Age
How the old way of writing and publishing a book is for the birds
How to maximize the latest eBook trends
How to price your eBooks for optimal sales
Money-making tips to writing your next eBook.

This is not a get-rich-quick-scheme. My program requires you to write, write, and write, some more. But the end result will be that you create eBooks with a built-in audience that will consistently earn you a royalty check.

Course Content:

  • Why Self-Publish
    • Traditional vs. Self-Publishing
    • eBooks vs. Printed Books
    • How much does it cost to Self-Publish your Book?
    • The difference between an Author and an Authorpreneur
  • Why Sell eBooks?
  • How to Structure your Kindle eBook
  • The Correct Way to Upload your eBook
  • Which Kindle Category to Choose
  • Pricing your Kindle Book
  • E-Books – Profit-Pulling Powerhouses
  • Steps to Publishing Success

  • How to Use E-books for Marketing and Promotion

This course includes (1) audio and (2) video lessons


  • Self-Publishing Checklist ($27 Value)
  • Everything you need to know about ISBN ($27 Value)

Lifetime Access

  • You’ll have lifetime access to the course. So whether you plan to publish your book now, in a couple of months or would like a refresher course a year from now, you will always have access to the content.

Price: $100

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