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Did you know that the most viewed online viral ad, the Evian Roller Babies ad, garnered more than 45,166,109 views as of November 2009? Although certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the most watched ad of the year, it had diminutive to no offline support at all! This proves that the Internet is the most cost effective medium of marketing, with a worldwide reach. Viral marketing is the key strategy used here to increase traffic to the website. For people aspiring to market their latest gig likewise, a viral marketing book delivers all the right ideas for a successful marketing campaign.

Viral marketing is one of the most profitable methods to make money quickly and conveniently. The concept involves dissemination of an idea that gradually garners support for the idea through networking. This, in turn, aids your business or idea in being marketed most effectively.

A Viral Marketing Book: Gateway to Successful Marketing

A viral marketing book proves useful for entrepreneurs, job seekers, employees, employers, professionals and academicians. The increasing use of viral campaigning has necessitated the use of such a book which will facilitate effective, out-of-the-box solutions and ideas. Some key questions answered in a viral marketing book include:

How to Offer a “Free” Service: One of many questions answered in such a book is how a company must display free or trial products or services in order to get the publicity for what is being marketed. This includes tips on what to avoid while publicizing a “free” product.

Effective Marketing for Small Businesses: A dilemma for small business owners is how to aptly market their company or services. A good book can teach small industry entrepreneurs to advertise and market their goods with a strong sales strategy that is inexpensive!

How to Leverage Social Media: Using social media networking effectively is essential for the completion of any successful viral campaign. What viral marketing books impart are a real time approach and utilization of social media applications.

How to Implement Plans: Apart from the initial ideating and planning involved in a viral media campaign, a viral networking book also throws light on how strategies must be implemented in a no-mess, organized manner.

Hitting your Target Market: Although social networking sites, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace reaches millions of users in the least time consuming manner, it might not reach out to your target market. Such books help you strategize the way you would reach out to the right people and help attain goals quicker. With insights into real life success stories, campaign ideas, proven programs, and much more, such a book will be a complete storehouse of knowledge, not just for the professional, but also the average Joe!

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