Amazon To Open Brick-and-Mortar Stores? 4 comments

Rumors are re-circulating that Amazon will open brick-and-mortals stores. Ever saw the movie You Got Mail where Tom Hank’s character basically destroys Meg Ryan’s character’s book store business within months of opening his Mega Book Store. Now imagine what could happen if Amazon opens stores nationwide? If this is true, watch out Barnes and Noble, Walmart, and Target. Amazon got it sights on you.

“Let’s assume the rumor of Amazon launching big, Costco-like stores is true. What would it be like for folks in Oakland, Los Angeles or New Jersey to drive to a huge mall complex, past Target and Walmart and into an Amazon store?

The first scenario: the store could just be a showroom with display units of appliances and “geniuses” running around showing you the top 25 vacuums in action. Or the top 10 juicers actually making juice.

It could be Consumer Reports meets the Apple Store on crack!

There wouldn’t have to be any inventory, you would simply play with the stuff, talk to a professional and swipe your Amazon Prime credit card (or Amazon phone) and have it at your house in the next 24 to 48 hours.” – Jason Calacanis

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4 thoughts on “Amazon To Open Brick-and-Mortar Stores?

  • Adam

    I don’t think that Amazon opening physical stores would kill Barnes & Noble, and it wouldn’t really affect Wal-Mart or Target either. Any Amazon store would have the same limitations that Barnes & Noble currently has, a limited space for stocking books. The main reason that Borders died is because they fell behind on eReaders.

    It would be nice to see more national level booksellers, but it wouldn’t be the death of all other booksellers.

  • Joy Farrington Post author

    I would be surprise too. But with Barnes& Noble and now Books-a-million refusing to stock Amazon titles, I wonder if that will push Amazon into retail. Kinda like a “we don’t need you anyway” rebuttal.

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