A major survey of 323 authors, all of whom have been published by the big boys for years, has discovered serious levels of dissatisfaction with traditional publishers. The survey was conducted by The Writers’ Workshop, an editorial consultancy, with assistance from the Society of Authors, the Crime Writers Association, and the Romantic Novelists Association.

Here is what they discovered:

  • One-third of the authors said they were not consulted about marketing plans.
  • Almost forty percent of the authors asked, “What marketing plans?”
  • Almost half of the authors said their publishers had never asked for their feedback on a project.
  • About two-thirds of the authors said they would prefer to leave their old publisher and move to a new one, although new ones don’t want them and the old publishers may be cutting them loose

Harry Bingham, head of the The Writers’ Workshop, said, “These results don’t surprise me, but they are sad. Authors want to love their publishers, but there are key respects in which publishers are making that hard. Authors are underwhelmed by marketing that is too often ineffective. And standards of communication are miserable right across the industry. The problem with marketing is perhaps that publishers have not yet successfully migrated their marketing efforts to an increasingly digital world.”

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