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The American Book Association has hitched its wagon to the Just Say No to Amazon campaign.

The American Booksellers Association is the latest to weigh in on Amazon’s publishing program following the decision by Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and Indigo Books not to carry their titles. Today the organization’s for-profit subsidiary, IndieCommerce, began removing all Amazon titles from its database.
In an e-mail message that went out Monday to indie bookstores that rely on the IndieCommerce Web platform, director Matt Supko wrote, “While Amazon is seeking to distribute its print catalog through conventional means, it seems that they are simultaneously pursing a strategy of locking in ebook exclusives which other retailers are not allowed to sell. IndieCommerce believes that this is wrong.” Not only has IndieCommerce decided not to list these titles, but it has created a new policy that states “only publishers’ titles that are made available to retailers for sale in all available formats will be included in the IndieCommerce inventory database.”-  Judith, Rosen, Publisher Weekly
I was  wondering what authors under Amazon’s publishing company felt about all the hoopla going on. Are they sitting at home, regretting getting in bed with Amazon?  Is Tim Ferris biting his nails in anticipation wondering if he made the right decision?!
Then I read this little tidbit…
News of the 7-figure Tim Ferriss deal with Amazon that hit the news this (Wednesday) morning must have leaked out to the press yesterday (Tuesday) because I got a call from a reporter asking for comment on Amazon’s “big new hardcover” book deal. -Mike Shatzkin (8/17/11)
I’m guessing the authors over at Amazon’s New Horizon are going to be just fine.

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One thought on “It’s Getting Hot in Here, ABA Says No More Amazon

  • thewriteedge

    Hmm. I wonder how carriage makers felt about Henry Ford. Or how monastery scribes felt about Gutenberg.

    I agree with the NYC agent in the article about Tim Ferriss: I don’t think Amazon jumping into the publishing game is the end of civilization as we know it. I just think everything is moving so fast the dust hasn’t had time to settle yet so we can see clearly what the actual consequences of Amazon’s decisions will be. Should we as writers and even readers be interested and have all these discussions and raise opposing views? Absolutely. That’s how we learn and keep balance in life. Should we run as fast as we can for the hills and hide with our heads in the sand? No!