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Small Business Camp Weekend  Online or In-Person  A 3-day intensive event where you can walk-in with an idea and leave  with a comprehensive marketing plan to grow any for-profit or  non-profit business idea in 90 days. Attend in-person or watch the  presentation and interact with other students from the comfort […]

Small Business Camp coming to Tampa (1/24/14-1/26/14)

Starting, April 1st, members of my Facebook group are participating in the Write Your Book in 30 Days Challenge and I hope you join us. During the challenge, members are encouraged to write a 35,000 words count, nonfiction book geared towards: Building their brand Gain New Customers Build Trust with […]

Write A Book in 30 Days! No Fooling

Maintaining its momentum of the past few months, the “Less Talk…More Action” Economic Empowerment Tour (“LTMA”) is scheduled to visit Philadelphia during April with a further touchdown in Baltimore in May, followed by more venues in the coming months. Intent on reaching out to minority communities countrywide and providing them […]

Ryan Mack’s Economic Empowerment Tour Continues to Help Communities Across ...

The Optimum Institute of Economic Empowerment (OIEE) Partners with George Soros Open Society Institute to Produce the “Less Talk…More Action Tour” in 13 U.S. Cities. New York, NY (January 12, 2012) – As Elvis Presley once sang, “A little less conversation….a little more action please.” Ryan Mack (President of OIEE, […]

Economic Empowerment Tour Continues to Help Communities Across America