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  A social marketing plan is another name for communications plans with regards to business and business marketing using social networks such as Twitter, MySpace and You Tube for example. Here are some of the things that a social marketing plan will entail for businesses that want to use a […]

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  Imagine this scenario: You’ve just finished your first book. You are thrilled beyond measure. Fantasies of best seller lists, limo rides in New York, and appearing on Oprah dance through your head… It’s a beautiful dream. However, that dream can turn into a nightmare of wasted money and disappointment […]

The Top 7 Ways Authors Mess Up Their Book Marketing ...

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I can’t help but quote the late, great James Brown…”Please, please, please… (Please, please don’t go.)” I beg you please don’t take your book to market if you haven’t developed a marketing plan. That includes: – defining your target audience (visualize specific individuals you foresee purchasing the book) – making […]

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