A skilled virtual assistant is a huge help to your online business and can be the difference between stagnant profits and massive growth. Most online businesses can’t survive without them. However, sometimes there are problems that need to be resolved in order for your virtual assistant to be the valuable […]

What to Do When Your Virtual Assistant Isn’t Working Out

Author’s assistants are well-known inside the publishing world, but not recognized by many outside of it.  We predict that will change very soon because of the increasing numbers of authors who are getting published, either as independent publishers themselves or the more traditional route with established publishers. Every big-time author […]

The 4 Biggest Reasons Why You Should Hire an Author’s ...

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Your market is continually increasing and everything is, by far, positive in your company. The problem is you couldn’t keep up with the demands of office work and other business needs. A smart move that you can make for your growing business is to hire a person fully-equipped with the […]

Types of Virtual Assistants and What They Can Do for ...