Say What?! Amazon’s Currently Monopolizing .Book and .Author Generic Top Level Domain Names 1 comment

Well folks, Amazon is at it again…

Amazon’s effort to control dozens of new generic top-level Internet domain names is drawing fire from a pair of publishing industry groups.

The Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers oppose the Internet retail giant’s plan to control so-called generic top-level domains (gTLD) that end in suffixes .book, .author, and .read, arguing that such influence would be anti-competitive.

“Placing such generic domains in private hands is plainly anticompetitive, allowing already dominant, well-capitalized companies to expand and entrench their market power,” Authors Guild President Scott Turow wrote to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, the nonprofit that oversees the world’s Internet domain names. “The potential for abuse seems limitless.”

Rival bookseller Barnes & Noble has also objected to the scheme, contending in a letter to ICANN that Amazon would use its control of gTLDs “to stifle competition in the bookselling and publishing industries, which are critical to the future of copyrighted expression in the U.S.”

“Amazon’s ownership would also threaten the openness and freedom of the Internet and would have harmful consequences for Internet users worldwide,” the company said in its objection early last month.  (Source Article)

According to Amazon’s .author Domain Information:

Amazon values the opportunity to be one of the first companies to own a gTLD. A .AUTHOR registry will:
• Provide Amazon with additional controls over its technical architecture, offering a stable and secure foundation for online communication and interaction.
• Provide Amazon a further platform for innovation.
• Enable Amazon to protect its intellectual property rights. (Source )

How awesome would it be to own a domain name with .author, .read, or .book?! For instance, or www, sounds pretty spiffy right?

But if Amazon gets it’s way, the public won’t be able to own a literary based domain name.  My guess is they plan to use the domains to market their own publishing authors or they’ll repackaged through CreateSpace  and charge us an arm and a leg to purchase it.

If you could own a domain name with an ending suffix like .author, .read,  or .book what would it be?

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