The 4 Biggest Reasons Why You Should Hire an Author’s Assistant

Author’s assistants are well-known inside the publishing world, but not recognized by many outside of it.  We predict that will change very soon because of the increasing numbers of authors who are getting published, either as independent publishers themselves or the more traditional route with established publishers.

Every big-time author has an author’s assistant – someone the author can call on to do the amazing number of tasks that surround the successful completion, publishing and marketing of a book.  But first-time authors are lucky – they can have author’s assistants, too – virtually.

A new author can pay for just the time and expertise needed, without having to create a staff, making a virtual author’s assistant an important part of an author’s success.  Here are the four biggest reasons this is an essential member of the author’s success team:

  1. There is just too much work for one person.  So many new or aspiring authors have day jobs and this is what they must do until their writing pays the rent.  Until an author can clone him or herself, he or she must rely on others to help carry the load.
  2. An author’s assistant has special expertise.  Look for someone with training and experience in doing what you need done – from preparing a manuscript,  to coordinating a self publishing process or running a virtual book tour.  Author’s assistants can do all this and much more. They understand the industry, the technology and have already established resources and connections.
  3. The cost is greater when you do it yourself.  There is a high learning curve for anyone who has never made the publishing journey. Whether the author is paid $70 an hour or $270 an hour as a coach, therapist, attorney or entrepreneur, the author’s assistant is a tremendous value at a much lower per-hour cost.  With an author’s assistant the author has the freedom to concentrate on those things only the author can do, especially writing the best book he or she can.
  4. The synergy of the collaborative effort.  There is nothing that inspires work like someone waiting for it.  An author’s assistant is there to help you take each step so precious little time goes by between your writing and preparation for publishing and marketing.  If you set the date, the author’s assistant will be there with support and encouragement to help you make it happen.

As an Author and Certified Virtual Author’s Assistant with a background in self publishing, social media marketing, event planning, and book campaigns, my staff (editor, book cover designer, book layout designer, website designer, transcriber, and AV team) and I are well equipped at handling the tasks needed to assist you in your literary career.

From scheduling interviews to setting up book signing and everything in between, the tasks associated with being a successful author can be stressful and overwhelming. But don’t fret. Once you hire a Virtual Author’s Assistant (VAA) you will have more time to write, close deals, attend seminars, tape interviews, and speak at conferences.

If you haven’t worked virtually before, talk to someone who has.  Most people who start are hooked.  One of the keys to success to have clarity about the tasks you want to have done and the payment arrangements – and then to memorialize these in a contract.  Another key is to find someone with demonstrated training and experience since the first-time author may be in the dark about what the tasks actually are.

Take it from the established successful authors, don’t go it alone.  Get the support you need and you will be well on your way to publishing success.


Joy Farrington is the president of Lit Diva, Inc. As a Virtual Author Assistant (VAA), Ms. Farrington enjoys assisting coaches, speakers, and non-fiction authors with the writing, publishing, and marketing of their books.  Her clientele includes bestselling authors and nationally renowned speakers. Her clients have been featured on Oprah, CNN, CNBC, FOX, BET, and the Huffington Post. Joy is also an Amazon best-selling author and has written several books including the co-authored How to Write Your Book in 30 Days as well as the ePublishing Made Easy book series and the Literary Diva Book Clubs book Series.

About Joy Farrington

Joy the Lit Diva (Farrington) is a Professional Book Accountability Partner, Book Coach, and Content Creator who enjoys assisting coaches, speakers, and non-fiction authors with the writing, publishing, and marketing of their books. The Writers Mastery Course is an ongoing Writing Series conducted in a virtual classroom. The overall focus of each course is to assist new authors with the ins-and-outs of Writing, Publishing, Book Marketing, and Authorprenership. With a focus on online tools that make your job as a writer easier, the Writers Mastery course is a unique way to hone your skills as a writer and reach your publishing goals. For more information about the Writers Mastery Course, please visit:

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